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The world of sports technology is an ever-changing, busy space; check out some of the latest industry activities, including weekly specialized insight, care of our partners at Activative.  


Baltimore Ravens Debut NFL’s First Augmented Reality Fan Face Painting App

14 Sep, 2017

To leverage excitement around the start of the new NFL season and help boost fan support, the Baltimore Ravens are enabling supporters to ‘get their game faces on’ through augmented reality face painting.

American Express blends VR & AI in immersive tennis experience at US Open

01 Sep, 2017

American Express’ ‘Ace The Open’ tennis leverage programme at the 2017 US Open was spearheaded by an immersive virtual reality experience – allowing fans on-site to play VR tennis facing an AI opponent.

Strava’s ‘Athletes Unfiltered’ Campaign Encourages Athletes To Be Inclusive

24 Aug, 2017

The social network for athletes, Strava, is rolling out a new multi-platform ‘Athletes Uncovered’ campaign that aims to showcase how social media has stopped being real, and encourages its athletes to go against the grain.

Activative Share Their Campaign of the Week from DraftKings

16 Aug, 2017

Draftkings teases the start of the 2017/18 NFL season with a fantasy football $1bn challenge

Activative Share Their Campaign of the Week from Asics and the IAAF World Athletics Championships

10 Aug, 2017

Asics global ‘i move me’ brand campaign kicks-off in London and leverages the IAAF world athletics championships.

Activative Share Their Campaign of The Week From Martini and Airbnb

28 Jul, 2017

Martini books Airbnb to offer fans a Williams f1 pit garage fan overnight experience

Activative Share Their Campaign of The Week From Deloitte and Team Dimension Data

13 Jul, 2017

Team dimension data partner Deloitte rolls out real-time analytics apps for tour de France.

Activative Share Their Campaign Of The Week from IBM – ‘Under the Skin of Tennis’

04 Jul, 2017

IBM’s 2017 Wimbledon work blends ai, apps, bots & data to enhance the tennis fan tournament experience