An embarrassing sibling social prank spearheaded a hair-care campaign for Blind Barber that was fronted by baseball super star, and now new part-owner of the brand, Bryce Harper.

Based on the unlikely insight that the Washington Nationals slugger is known throughout Major League Baseball not just for his hitting skills, but also for having a finely coiffured head of hair, Harper’s hair-care secrets were the subject of an embarrassing Twitter video reveal by his brother Bruce.

The video was viewed 700,000 times after his brother and teammate posted on his social channels that Bryce uses two hair dryers simultaneously to coiffure his barnet.

But this was less of a caught-in-the-act, authentic sibling moment, and more of a well-planned teaser for the fact that Harper is now a joint owner of male grooming business Blind Barber.

A multi-platform reveal campaign rolled out the day after the apparently authentic sibling social post:

With all assets driving viewers to the brand’s digital hub at


Harper has linked up with Blind Barber as a front man and co-owner to develop new iterations of its men’s grooming supplies: including formulas for hair styling, beard balm and dry shampoo.

The “Bryce Harper Selects” collection is currently available for $75 and includes 40 Proof Sea Salt Spray, 90 Proof Pomade and the Watermint Gin Face Wash and Moisturizer.

“I’ve entertained grooming brand offers in the past,” commented Harper.

“But when I met the Blind Barber team we bonded over our love of barbershop culture and I was impressed by their creativity beyond cuts and product. It’s great to be a partner in the creative process, and much more meaningful than just slapping my name on a jar of pomade.”

This initiative follows in the footsteps of some other stand-out seemingly authentic and intriguing social posts from sports stars that turned out simply to be attention grabbing teasers for pre-planned campaigns.

Another of our recent favourite initiatives adopting this athlete ambassador led tactic was sprinter Usain Bolt’s shock soccer club signing post tease to promote charity Sport Aid (see case study).

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