Intersport France #Runthespring Challenge Offers Discounts Based On Customer 1km Run Time

French sports apparel retailer Intersport has allied with Nike to launch an innovative campaign, called #RunTheSpring, that blends individual experiences, live music streaming platforms, apps, social media and a microsite and which gives discounts to customers who run 1km in under five and a half minutes.

Under the seasonal auspices of welcoming the end of Winter and the start of Spring and the outdoor running season, the retailer worked with agency Les Gaulois (Paris) on an integrated campaign.

The brand also worked with DJ Nömak to remix Vivaldi’s La Primavera (Spring) Concerto in 5 minutes and 30 seconds to create the campaign’s musical core.

Customers were invited to listen to the track on Soundcloud, Spotify or Deezer while out running and those able to run a full kilometre before the end of the song qualified for a 20% discount on all Nike Running gear in Intersport stores.

Runners simply need to track their performance on any running app and then simply submit a screenshot of their 1km time to the #RunTheSpring microsite (

All those who submit a qualifying time are entitled to the discount, while participants can also invited to enter a competition to win one of 100 pairs of Nike Pegasus running shoes.

The campaign is spearheaded by a ‘Challenge Run The Spring’ spot which first aired on 25 April and challenged runners throughout France to beat Vivaldi

This hero video is supported by further social content pieces across the brand’s channels such as  FacebookInstagram and Twitter

Activative Comment:

How delightfully French to combine classical music with competitive performance and a price promotion!

Intersport has made this initiative easy and simply to participate in: after all, 1km is a distance almost everyone can consider regardless of ability of fitness and the sub 5 minutes and 30 seconds time is attainable.

Plus there is no need to download a campaign/brand specific app, they can also choose to use their own preferred music app to listen to the Vivaldi remix and use their normal running app to track their times.

So, all they have to do is run, submit a screenshot to the campaign website and offer up a little personal information.


But is the discount a sizable (and/or the Nike trainer prize) enough incentivise the participation and effort?

This time-incentive reminds us a little of the brilliant ASB ‘Run Down Your Rate’ campaign leveraging its rights as the title sponsor of the 2015 Auckland Marathon in New Zealand .

Now that really did offer a powerful financial; incentive to hit a running time objective (see case study).

A brand-owned, participatory running race that isn’t on the scale or the elite achievement level of Nike’s blockbuster #Breaking2, but one with plenty of flexibility in its participation mechanic and one with a solid and simple incentive.

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Intersport France

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